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Really well organized & kept the boys entertained & engaged for a full 2 hours, really great value & excellent staff.

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Laser Tag: We want you!

Bring your own squad, or come alone, get into your battle gear and get ready for Laser Tag war.

Get your enemy in your sights, hold your nerve and with a single shot take out your opponent…

and all in the safe knowledge that no-one will get hurt, not even a bruise will be cast!

Great For

Birthday Parties
Stag/Hen Parties
Team Building
School Events

Laser Tag: We want you!

Bring your own squad, or come alone, get into your battle gear and get ready for Laser Tag war.

Get your enemy in your sights, hold your nerve and with a single shot take out your opponent…

and all in the safe knowledge that no-one will get hurt, not even a bruise will be cast!

Great For

Birthday Parties
Stag/Hen Parties
Team Building
School Events

Laser tag is the paintball of the future

Laser Tag is best described as paintball without the bruises and just as much fun! The state of the art equipment used in laser tag is also used by the military in training scenarios.  This means better accuracy and greater range compared with paintball and you get unlimited ammo as you don’t need to buy paintballs.

You have to be over 6 years old to be allowed to take part, and we can run with a minimum of 10 players up to a maximum of 30 so others will be booked in at the same time as you, but all the groups will be of a similar age. Children and adults can take part in the same mission if they are part of the same group, we would not add additional adults to the session unless they are part of your group or of another mixed-age group.

We can of course accommodate an exclusive booking for a birthday or stag/hen party of example. Please contact us for a quote for your particular requirements.

We have a fantastic laser tag site in Eversley, Hampshire. Come and play the best laser tag in the South, we have a number of missions that we need to complete!

In order to demoralise the enemy, your force is tasked to capture the enemy flag which is flying over their base camp. This is not an easy job as the enemy are a tough force and will fight to the last man.

Your unit for this mission are Special Forces. The briefing is simple. “Total elimination of the enemy”. Possible tactics you might think about for this operation is to send in two attack groups supported by a sniper team. Your aim ……. to survive!

It is vital that you escort your commanding officer to your HQ. Unfortunately, the enemy has received intelligence about your operation and have surrounded your base with hostile forces. This mission requires planning and determination. Could be worth shadowing the escort team with a heavily armed support group.

You are briefed to attack a heavily defended military base in order to capture vital intelligence that has to be returned to your own HQ. This is a tough task as you will be up against a determined enemy force. You will need to work as a team and get your tactics right.  Your tactics will determine your success and survival.

Hold the ground occupied by the Domination Box.  The task, capture the box!  The box will light the colours of the dominating team.  Dominate the box for a set period, determined by the box itself.  Respawn multiple times and keep your team going until victory is yours.  The box will announce the winning team and colour.

Be the best, moving with stealth around the map taking out those who expose themselves.  Aim true, move quick, be the best and you will be the Last Man Standing!

Please call 01344 286577 to check availability and book, or use our online contact form and we’ll come right back to you!

Can I just turn up without booking?2023-02-24T17:29:31+00:00

No, all sessions need to be pre-booked unless advertised

Do I have to pay a deposit and do I have to pay for any extras on the day?2023-02-24T17:27:48+00:00

A non-fundable payment of £125 for Laser Tag is required to secure a booking with the balance payable 48 hours before the event.  There are no hidden costs.

What happens in bad weather?2023-02-24T17:37:22+00:00

Unless the weather conditions are deemed hazardous by our staff, then rain does not stop play.  Group organisers will be informed as soon as possible in the event of unsafe conditions. Please be aware that we may not be able to make this decision until we arrive on-site on the day.

Can I get a refund if one or more of the participants in my group does not turn up on the day?2023-02-24T17:37:27+00:00

No. Staffing levels are determined by the number of places booked for any given session.  It is possible to make substitutions on the day however, please advise in advance of the event of any additional participants.

One of the participants has a disability, can they still take part?2023-02-24T17:37:33+00:00

Safety is the prime requirement and we try to be as inclusive as possible, although it depends on the nature of the disability.  Please call to discuss before booking

Is there an indoor eating area and is there somewhere I can sit and watch the games?2023-02-24T17:38:45+00:00

Our picnic area is outdoors, however, we have covered picnic tables on-site to shelter your party from the elements if needed. There are areas around the gaming area to view.

Do I have to stay to supervise my children?2023-02-24T17:37:43+00:00

Yes, all children on site must be supervised.  Although players will also be supervised by staff, at least two adults must stay onsite.  Any children not taking part must be supervised at all times.

What should I wear?2023-02-24T17:37:49+00:00

Camouflage overalls are provided to wear over your clothing, however, you will be required to wear suitable footwear for outdoor activities.  We run our activities in woodland and there is uneven ground and trip hazards.

Can I bring my dog to site?2023-02-24T17:38:00+00:00

Yes, dogs are allowed on site as long as they are kept on a lead and supervised at all times.  Any dog mess must be cleaned up and taken with you when you leave the site.

Is there car parking? and are there toilet facilities available on site?2023-02-24T17:38:05+00:00

Yes, free car parking is available on site, and we have a portable toilet on site.

Is food and drink provided? Can I bring a birthday cake?2023-02-24T17:40:05+00:00

We provide free hot and cold drinks. The picnic area is open for food.

Your Tour Of Duty Starts Here

Your Tour Of Duty Starts Here

Young Guns (age 6-8 years) – 2 hours – £25 per person
Woodland Commando’s (age 9-14 years) – 2 hours – £25 per person
Special Forces (age 15+ years) – 2 hours – £26 per person
Sessions are run regularly with the following start times:
April to October: 10:00am,  1:00pm & 4:00pm
November to March: 10:00am & 1:00pm
Call now to check the latest availability or send enquiry form.

All our mid-week event prices are subject to vat.  If you have an event in mind, please contact us for a specific price on 01344 286577

Fantastic Laser Tag 10th Birthday party

For my sons 10th Birthday, really well organised and kept the boys entertained and engaged for a full 2 hours, really great value and excellent staff.

Brilliant day of laser tagging!

Digby absolutely loved his 10th birthday party enacting a veritable killing spree with his chums and others! Even I was allowed to join in for a few games and essentially became a (large) sitting target for 40 gun-crazed kids. Really well set up and the people running it were great. Tom had enough authority to keep all 40 kids in line yet he was cheeky enough to get away with not sounding like a teacher ☺ … I’m going back for sure and the kids fancy trying out the Fortnite themed session. Thank you!

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Sons 10th birthday party – computer game style Laser Tag!

We did the Laser Tag for my sons birthday with a group of 9 kids and 2 adults (my husband and myself included) and we had a brilliant time! On arrival, there were 3 parties and we all played at the same time split into 2 teams. It worked really well as it meant that our party of players were shooting each other and everyone gelled. We were all given our suit, guns and headgear and after a thorough safety briefing – we played 2 hours of 4 different games. Well worth the money. The forest was plenty big enough with loads of places to hide and shoot, behind tyres, barrels, cars, fences (just like in the game!), logs and more. With about 35 of us – there was still plenty of space and places to hide. (I think the more people the better as there are more people to shoot:-).

Couldn’t fault the organisers – husband and wife team and Megan. I really enjoyed myself and found myself rolling around and dodging lasers and kneeling crawling in Various positions! Kids also loved it (and would recommend for a stag or group of friends too:-) Thanks, everyone.

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